Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 3: Check! -Holley

It was rough this morning because yet again I didn't get to sleep in time. My husband is apparently trying to sabotage my motivation by keeping me awake past my designated bedtime!

Regardless, I did the cardio circuit this morning and I've got the sweat to prove it. I was incredibly sore this morning for some reason so I had a hard time getting in to it but eventually I was able to find my grove.

Have I discussed my struggle with cross jacks? Yeah. Apparently I'm not coordinated enough to do them. Does anyone else have this problem? I get so confused when I'm trying to keep up that I usually have to modify the move. But I try!!

Tomorrow is rest day and I'm excited about that. Also excited to be done with week 3.

42 days/6 weeks to go! 
(Not counting rest day tomorrow...) 
(PS - make sure you check out the calendar behind me!)

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