Tuesday, April 2, 2013

INSANITY Day 9 - Pure Cardio from the Steve side!

Another work out. Another day that I’m killing it. Its not getting easier...but that's really due to the fact that I took a week off to go swim around under the sea in the keys. Sorry if part of this post rhymes, I’m listening to Holley's Eminem Pandora station. It's not been easy to get back into this and I feel like if I didn’t keep trying, and if Holley wasn’t being so encouraging, that I could just quit. I was on track as of this workout which happened on Tuesday. Currently its Thursday. :-) Anyway. I also lifted weights on Tuesday with Rob.
Precision Engineered. Pure Cardio. I absolutly hate when Shaun T. tells me how nervous he is about this workout. Im starting to notice things that just annoy me. V-push ups suck. I have very little upper body strength! Anyway At this point Holley is what's keeping me going. I'll tell you about the diet we're going to start next time.

Push through now. There's plenty of time to procrastinate later.

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