Thursday, April 18, 2013

INSANITY Day 12 - Steve style with a side of Dillon

Hey peeps in blogger-world this is Dillon Avans rockin' out at Steve's place trying to get ripped for the wedding to the lovely Lyndsey Nelson!!! And i just did my first one to see if I liked it.... it was an amazing workout on insanity.

FIRST time doing insanity, and I have to say, its not a piece of cake (which I would kill for right now). I hate when I am on the ground with no breath and the instructor is just powering through the workout like a jersey shore kid getting a spray tan, just loving it. :/

I'm also not digging the amount of sweet pouring from my body... as Steve said, he will have to mop this floor. Sorry man. But watching my buddy get fit has totally motivated me. No matter how INSANE this video looks.

Can't have the grooms men looking sexier than me! So I'm going to be continuing this crazy ride with Steve and my fiancee'. Until then peace out and wish me luck getting my rock hard abs on ;)


Holy crap. My chest is burning. That was tough. I pretty much have been being the biggest loser...not in a good way. Like I mentioned last time I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of it. I've been at 195 for what seems forever and I'm done with that. 189 is happening. I lost 10 pounds in January and haven't managed better than 5 pounds since then. Food is fuel. Working out doily is normal. These are the pillars that my new life style needs to be built on. This is NOT a diet. This is a sustainable life style. Something that is maintainable and healthy.

There will never be a moment in my life that I look back and say to myself that I wish I had upsized those fries....or wish that I had eaten at taco bell one more time. Building the will power to say no to these temptations is not something you just happen upon. Its a skill. One that some excel at and others don't. I've had this same conversation with other friends in my life trying to turn their life around. Its not that you can't. You can't? Then quit cause what's the point if you're going to limit yourself before you even start.

I can't do the INSANITY workout cause I hate it? Then get busy dying. You are noth the one in control if you live without the will power to force yourself to do what needs to be done even though you don't like it. Some parts of life suck and you can quit or make the best of it and let it make you better. I'm here to be better. I'm here to be the best me I can be and at 195 pounds I'm not there.

I'm here. I'm motivated. I am in control.

"Maturity is achcieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values"
-Joshua L. Liebman

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