Monday, April 1, 2013

Insanity Day 12 - Holley

I think this is my least favorite workout of all the ones I've done so far. Cardio Power and Resistance. I cannot even come close to keeping up with the video on this one. (Did I just date myself by saying video?) power jumps are apparently something I have yet to do correctly, v-push-ups are not very fun, and moving push-ups continue to thwart me. And all the jumping is not very pleasant. Have i mentioned how much I hate globe jumps? Also, when Shaun T. tells me to keep my back straight or flat, i really wonder whether I actually am or not. I just have to hope so! 

I dont know how many times I've actually yelled at the tv during a workout, but today I was, for real. I was so mad at Shaun T. for making me work so hard, and I told him that if he's going to make me work this hard, I better see some results when I get complete the program. It was weird because I actually heard Jillian Michaels telling me that when it gets hard and starts to burn, that's when the change is happening. I've done the 30 day shred too many times! ha. But that program has NOTHIN' on INSANITY.

I've waited until this late to post my recount of today's workout mostly because I didn't want to deter Steven from getting back in the groove. I mean I can't imagine it is motivational for him to read how much I hated today's workout! Everyone needs that boost to get back in the groove of things. 

12 days down... 
51 days to go! 

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