Thursday, April 4, 2013

INSANITY day 10 - Cardio Circuit (Plyometric?)

Wow so to start off this workout I went digging through my DVDs to find Cardio Circuit and it wasn’t there. I searched for a good bit before I broke down and asked my little buddy Hillus (aka my wife Holley). Apparently she had apready encountered this and performed the routine google search. Apparently when they say Cardio Circuit they really are just trying to hide the fact that you're about to have to throw the Plyometric Cardio Circuit in there. By far this is my least favorite workout. Mostly cause I think it may have been the first one and this time I just happened to go out and eat wings right before with my brother....poor planning on my part but I think I was trying to force myself to skip the workout. Which coincidently has already happened. If you'll notice the date of posting on this blog, it happens to be Thursday rather than Wednesday. I honestly had a large project that needed to finished up for school. I should have had the will power to get it done during the day but writing about techniques used in physiological plant pathology is even harder to get motivated to do that these damn INSANITY workouts.

Anyway. Holley managed to talk me into continuing on. I really am trying to make every excuse possible. Man right before I do the workout I feel like the fat kid inside me is fighting to stop me from doing it. I had to dig a piece of glass out of the heel of my left foot that I acquired in Key West. Its been bothering me but I figured it would go way up until today. wings are a terrible idea before the workout. I felt useless. I guess that's a lesson learned. So why was I eating wings? Well, I’m glad you asked. There's a lot going on in my little world of fitness. First off I joined up with another Diet Bet. I also convinced three other guy friends to do it for motivation. My official weight in for the start happens to be 200.5 which is slightly high because of the amount of water I drank that day. This evening after eating and before the workout I was around 198. I guess it's better to get that measurement at the top of the flux. Along with the diet bet I've also started a new diet to try and get me down to that 192 number. Ive started a Paleo diet. This week is actually the first time that I’ve heard of this diet but one of the guys I got to join the bet with me is about to get serious. He and I share a common drive for things. At times its consuming and at others its just whatever. There's no real happy medium and that can be a problem. So the idea is to get serious. Do this day by day. Wednesday I went out a picked up the precooked pouches of chicken and several avocados. The idea behind the Paleo diet is to eat unprocessed foods. Pretty much any vegetable or meat that you could identify by sight. Wednesday I ate 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast and a pouch of chicken for lunch. I didn’t have time to eat supper unfortunately due to the homework I was working on. Not the best of things but not the worst. So that brings us to today. This morning I spend the breakfast time trying to finish up the midterm for my plant pathology class so I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. I had another pouch of chicken for lunch. This time I also was fortunate enough to have half of a ripened avocado as well. It was pretty filling. After I got out of class and finished up administering a test for another class the I gave in to the urges to eat out. I ended up a Buffalo Wild Wings but I’ve run a large caloric deficiency for the past two days so Its not going to kill me...or will it? It would be ironic if I had a heart attack. Not funny at all really. The more I write on this the more motivated I feel. During the workout I was ready to just sit down and watch it like a movie rather than workout. I kept pushing most of the time when I didn't feel like I was going to lose the wings. 

TOMORROW IS A CARDIO RCOVERY DAY! That sounds good. Its been so long since I did the first one and I cant remeber what it is but its got to be better than the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. So stay pumped and keep going...

Half hearted efforts produce half as much in the way of results.

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