Monday, April 1, 2013

INSANITY after coming back from the beach! Day 8 - Steve Style

 Cant believe I actually came back and got back in it. You are probably more surprised than I am. Holley managed to talk me into getting back to it. Anyway here's a funny shot that I thought should make the front icon when I post it to Facebook!

Anyway! Key Largo was awesome. I spent much of my time scuba diving which is a workout in itself. Overall I did gain a pound or two but I cant complain cause it was awesome and I drank way more than I should have on the tail end of the trip after the diving was over.

Day 8 was intense. I was feeling tired already and the fact that I had Taco Bell for dinner probably didn't help. The squirrel push-ups and globe jumps made me want to just lay on the ground but I tried to keep going. I may be slightly under the weather cause I was having a hard time breathing. Lots of water breaks and lots of water. Sounds pretty much like every other INSANITY workout! I'm glad that I did it though.

On to other news.  Some sort of diet should be going with my exercise. I lift weights three times a week and try to follow the INSANITY workout 6 days a week. If I can get the diet action going then I'll be able to make my way closer to my short term weight goal of 190 lb! Rob and I have decided to start a Paleo diet which basically limits the food intake to foods that have not been processed. Steak, chicken, raw ingredients are all pretty much good from my first glance.  All in all I should be eating more stuff like that in order to spare my budget so we'll give it a go. One day at a time, one meal at a time. Until the point that its a life style. Dieting can't just be a temporary thing unless you want temporary results. It has to be a life style change and that's the hard part.  Whatever I decided to do needs to be something I can see myself doing everyday forever if I want the health/weight benefits to be long term.

The lack of natural talent in any given skill can be offset by persistence to master that skill.  

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