Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 19 - Cardio Power & Resistance. Holley

Good morning y'all! It's Thursday, which means it is almost the weekend! Woo! That of course for me means that it's almost time for me to go home to my family, which is the best part of my week.

So, this morning's workout was Cardio Power and Resistance which is my least favorite of all the workouts. But I tried not to let that sway me from actually doing it. I actually tell myself it is probably the one that will give me the most results. That usually gets me going and motivated. Usually.

I didn't give myself the option to ignore my 5am workout alarm today, I just got up and did it. And y'all know how much I hate globe jumps and power squats and all that. So I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. 3 days in a row I've done Insanity, and not let myself down by being a lazy bum, which is apparently my default mode. I'm working on trying to change that. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thursday and are staying safe amidst all the evil going on in this world right now.

Love to you all. Still sending out thoughts and prayers to Boston, and now to West, Texas.

44 days to go!

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