Sunday, March 10, 2013

Steven's INSANITY Day 1

Day one.

Full of excitement and and enthusiasm to do this. I'm excited now... 12 hours after I finished the day one fit test. I wasn't so excited when I took these pictures. I also wasn't so excited when I was putting in the DVD. You cant call a workout INSANITY and expect people not to be a little timid when they start it. Some say to not judge a book by its cover but in this case the name is well justified by what lies within. It's day one and I wanted to die after the 25 minute "fit test". If that was a test then I failed. Man I was pouring sweat. Who ever thought to combine jumping jacks and push-ups into what was called push-up jacks should be beaten or at least heavily fined.

There it is. Day one photo shoot. I don't think Holley is going to release her day one photos as of yet but you women seem to care a little more about that sort of thing and that's cool. As for me? Please feel free to stare and be blinded by the paleness of my bare chest. Looks like I've managed to already start working on a fine farmer's tan and its only been in the last week that the weather has been nice enough to have the top down in the Miata.

How did I do? Well here are my starting stats. I thought long and hard about maybe going a little light so I could make a nice looking improvement in the end but I dug deep and I kept going till I was on the floor sweating into a towel for each of the 60 second breaks. 

Switch Kicks 54
Power Jacks 30
Power Knees 47
Power Jumps 30
Globe Jumps 6
Suicide Jumps 13
Push-Up Jacks 9
Low Plank Oblique 20

It looks pretty simple. 8 exercises. One minute each. All you have to do is get as many as you can get in 60 seconds. That totals up to like 8 minutes of work out right? You can't be serious. That's nothing. Then you cry. At one point Shaun T. (DVD exercise guy on the screen) says that the dude beside him is on the ground crying during the break... I wouldn't know if he was or not cause I was face down in a towel with sweat pouring off of me thinking about how it must look like I was crying. I tried to laugh but nothing but gasps for air came out as I looked back up at the timer tick down to the next exercise like that clock they kept resetting on Lost.

It was intense. I wouldn't say it was insane yet... but if it had gone on for another 8 minutes I would have truly broken down in tears. I'm pumped to add this too my workout routine. The plan is to blog daily about my experiences with INSANITY over the next 63 days one day at a time. I plan on doing my own nutrition and continuing to workout at the gym 3 times a week if possible. 

As of today I weigh in at 197.5 lb. I try not to have unrealistic expectations so by the end of these 63 days I want to look at the day 1 photos and the day 63 photos and feel like its been worth the ride. My goal weight is to make it down to the 170's as soon as possible. I've managed to come from the 210 that I weighed on January 1st down to the 197.5 by portion control, eating better foods, and working out with a friend. It really helps to have someone doing it with you. Go find a buddy.... get a volleyball and give him a name. What ever you've got to do.

Ill try to take some measurements over the next week for a comparison. 

Our biggest obstacle to losing weight is our own ability to justify giving up.

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