Wednesday, March 13, 2013

INSANITY - Day 4, Steve's take.

I feel like my blog titles are becoming similar to what you would expect from a Jean Claude Van Damme film series or sequels. At least that's how I say them in my head when I read them! Whew. Today's exercise was Cardio Recovery and it was perfect timing. My legs have not been showing love for me...probably because I have beat them routinely day in and day out this week with various exercises. I've undoubtedly gotten bitten by some sort of fitness monster because I didn't start the year this way. Back to the legs! So, my legs have been killing me. I hijacked the use of a foam roller from one of my friends for a couple of minutes and as much as that hurt it didn't provide much more that temporary relief. Mind you its not so bad that I can't walk...its just sore if I sit for too long or when I just wake up. If I stay active everything is fine. As of right now they feel great. That's where today's workout comes in. Today's workout was comprised of my usual 3 hour scuba class and the Cardio Recovery day of INSANITY. Awesome. It was a perfect combination honestly. Swimming with the resistance of the fins worked a lot of the "knots" out of my legs and then I came home and did INSANITY. Today was just the break I needed. Way to go Shaun T. That was a perfect place to put that day. Tomorrow its back to the grind but that's cool.

What is Cardio Recovery? That funny. That was the same question Holley and I had yesterday. We theorized that it might be some terrible trickery of words and it would be something much more cardio and much less recovery. I'm glad to inform you that it was truly a day for recovery . The two of us do like a good conspiracy  (ask her about JFK...I dare you). I didn't even break a sweat which was good for today. It was stretches. It was lunges. It was contractions. It was slow and controlled. I've never done yoga but different position names were flying around like table top, and playing child, and something or another dog. It was cool but I had to keep looking up to see the stance right after I was told to keep my head down in the neutral position. It was tough. I'm not used to stretching so much and I think it is evident that I need to stretch more often. My heels would not touch the ground on half of the stretches they were doing. I'm not that flexible yet but I'm glad that this is being incorporated. Its intense but not like the other days. I loved it.

Stretching is not only applied to muscles and tendons but also to our ability to handle the less that prime situations in life. As you work to improve your flexibility more advantages become available.

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