Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Insanity Day 4. Cardio Recovery. Holley Style.

Good afternoon, lovely followers! Sorry for the delay in posting today. Did you think I was a slacker today? Well, I wasn't. Go me! I'm in town today, my Alcoa home, instead of Anderson, and I did Day 4 today after Steven went to class. 

So, Cardio Recovery. Difficult, yes. But not the same. I felt like today's workout was like really intense yoga. Which I suck at, by the way. This girl has virtually no balance. Stand on one foot and hold one knee in the air to the right? Ha - you've got to be joking. And there were like a million squats... Slow squats. Fast squats. Side squats. Tiny squats. Lunge squats. Geez!! But all in all, this 33 minutes was not nearly as killer as the past 3 days have been. Dont get me wrong, it was in no way easy, but I survived doing most of the moves. I'm not as sore today, I must have gotten really good, deep stretches during this workout. Yesterday my calves felt like they were going to fall off, but today they just ache a little bit. I'm sure tomorrow they'll be back to the normal pain level after the workout. 

So I just want to add a disclaimer that I have not actually been able to keep up with any of the workouts, and when I say "I finished the workout," I pretty much mean that I made it through the whole workout without turning off the DVD player and just quitting in the middle. Not that I stuck with every move and did every moment of exercise Shaun T. challenged me to do. It's hard, and I'm not in shape, but I've stuck with it to the end every day so far. All 4 of them! 

Anyway. I'm excited to know that quite a few of you are checking in with us each day to see how we are doing. That is encouraging. 

Day 4: Complete. 59 Days to go!!!

Tune in tomorrow to see if I actually do stick with my decision to do INSANITY while I'm in Chile for school. 

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