Sunday, March 31, 2013

Insanity Day 11 - Holley

Recovery! Ha yeah right. Like I mentioned before, this is basically yoga. Which I am not so good at. And can I just say honestly, it feels like an accomplishment every time i finish one of these workouts? Just the fact that I got up and did it when I could have continued being a lazy bum like the other 23 hours of the day. So I remind myself of that, every time I'm questioning whether I should keep going. Because I'm fairy lazy most of time, in regards to activity. I would rather sleep than workout, until I find a workout that i really love. I loved zumba, but I havent found any where down here to do zumba yet. 

ANYWAY back to Insanity. Yoga. So lots of slow squats and squat pulses and holding the squat... then lunges, and lunge pulses, and all that. Planking and leg pulses while planking, and oblique crunches while planking...  Lots of leg burning and sweating and grunting today. And again, I think I'm getting a little better. I dont know if I'm actually getting better, or if I'm just pushing myself harder and not letting my mind psych me out. Either way, its an improvement, and I'm getting more out of the workout. 

Yesterday a girl in the Insanity group I'm in posted progress photos at the 32 day mark of P90X, and she's lost quite a few inches and 18lbs. Which is total inspiration to me. I've got a wedding that I have to look fabulous for at the end of May, and I got a dress that was a size smaller than I normally wear. I'm hoping that I can fit in it when I go pick it up, and then just make it look better. There are 55 days til the wedding, and I've got....

52 days to go!

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