Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 9 - Holley + Pure Cardio #2

So I think the thing that kills me about pure cardio is the fact that its, well, pure cardio. Suicide drills, power squats (which is basically a jumping jack + a squat), push up jacks (which is as hard as it sounds), level two drills...I mean yall, I can't get up and down that fast!! I had better stamina that the last time (the first time) I did pure cardio, but I still can't get through the moves as fast as they do. And I know that's ok, since I'm a newbie, but I think last time I got more frustrated that I couldn't keep up. Today I just told myself, do as many as you can and don't worry about how fast they go. So that took some of the pressure off, and I could just enjoy the workout. Well, maybe not enjoy.. But at least feel better.

The best thing about today was being able to see my progress. Even though I took time off for the trip to chile, I still think I did better that before, and I'm still improving. I'm sweating a lot more, too. It's nice. I really feel like I'm getting a good, hard workout in.

54 days to go!!

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