Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 8 - Holley Style

You know, it's really hard to find a happy medium for temperature in your house when you are doing Insanity. It's frustrating. 

So Day 7 was a rest day, but since I had over a week off before I did Day 6, I skipped it. So today I did Day 8, which was Cardio Power and Resistance. I know I've done that one before, but honestly I didn't feel like I did any better. Oh well. My back is hurting today for some reason, just a little bit, so I had to try to compensate for that without compromising my form. The moves on today's work out are my least favorite. Globe Jumps for someone as clumsy as myself are tricky to do without tripping over my own feet or falling on my face. 

It would be so easy to just say forget it, and give up, but I'm holding on to the little motivation I have to save my life! Giving up is not an option. I keep telling myself that. So really, when I wake up in the morning, I try not to even think about it. It's just a part of my morning routine, like brushing my teeth. 

I can't figure out how to rotate the photo below, and honestly I'm too worn out to think about it right now. So today I'm sideways. 

55 days to go!

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