Saturday, March 16, 2013

BAM!!!! Day 6 of INSANITY- Steve's eyes

WHEW! I made it! I made it through the second Plyometric Cardio Circuit! In all honesty, today was much better than the horrors of day one. Its steadily gotten better with each day. I don't know if I'm coming to terms and taking more breaks when needed of I'm just getting better. I completely forgot about the basketball drills in this workout. I was for sure we were done when the first set after the warm-up was done!

What was hard today? The push-ups. The ski push-ups. and the in and outs. My arms just cant hold out that long! Another awesomeness that I did today was run the workout without music and had Pandora playing from the stereo. I got to choose my own music and it helped me to stay pumped! Nine Inch Nails makes a good instrumental/electronic seed for a station. Man today's workout was good! I sweat like crazy. I've noticed that I base workouts that I do off how much I sweat. May or may not be a good quantifier but it works for me.

Mark another day off! Today's workout marks the 6th workout in the INSANITY progression. Please not that I've opted to the scuba diving 6 as my hand symbol. This is so I can go back and tell from the pictures what day I was. If I used two hands then how would I get 16 without using the sideways one as a 6? That's right! You couldn't!

Check it out! It looks like I've gotten some more sun! I managed to get out this morning and play some disc golf and drink a couple of beers at the Casual Pint before my workout. Great day. Key Largo isn't ready for me!

Less talk, more action!

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